My goal as a product designer is to produce beautiful products with a real meaning. I not just want to make products, I want to make them conscious, by understanding humans, including ecological concerned. My skills include industrial design, graphic and UX design, packaging and CGI. The first tool I use : the head, following by my hands. Obviously, I sketch, prototype, use CAD programs, visualization programs through the project to be creative, make realistic products, that take place in today’s society.

I'm a french industrial designer.

I’m a French product designer based in Lyon, France. I am currently working as a junior product designer at Design Office, a design agency that works with big clients from all around the world.
Meanwhile, I’m pursuing a master degree in design and innovation management, in thæroject, and improving my skills as a designer.
Sensitive, dynamic and curious, I know how to put all my skills to good use in the realization of innovative projects.

Nevertheless, I also know how to put my skills at the service of a group and get the best out of everyone.

As a designer, I strive to place the human being at the heart of each of the projects I handle. In my opinion, the human must always be considered as central.

If you want to know more, feel free to contact me.

I advocate a simple, elegant, timeless, human design, and above all without unnecessary things.


I strive to include the human being at the heart of my thinking.

I consider that the first thing I have to do as a designer is to answer peoples’s questions.That‘s why I want the products I produce to have positive impact on people’s lives.

The first thing I do: listen and watch. Then, because every product is different, I understand all the aspect of the project.

Furthermore, even if I want to make human-centered projects, stories are important, that’s why, every product I design has his own story, talking about something unique.

Finally, no details, even tiny are superfluous.

I think good design is timeless.

During my studies, I have often asked myself if I should consider myself as minimalist: the answer is no. I am not. Every project I conceive, every project I undertake is different, is part of a different system. This is why, rather than defining myself as minimalist, I will rather promote timeless design, first and foremost centered on the human being.

I use a strategic design process to understand, define, and deliver the best products I can, including emotion and human.

Whatever your needs, I'm looking forward
to hearing from you

Feel free to ask anything.