I am Dorian, an industrial designer based in Lyon, France. I consider that the first thing I have to do as a designer is to answer peoples’s questions.That‘s why I want the products I create to have positive impact on people’s lives.

I believe above all in human-centred design, which is necessary and as impactful as possible. That's why, through each project I work on, I strive to tell a unique story.
I believe every product has to be as unvasive as possible. This is why I include an ecological approach in all my projects, focusing only on the essential. No superfluous. Every gram of plastic has to be taken into account and has to be perfectly useful for the user.
Finally, I think good design is timeless, first and foremost centered on the human being. No details, even tiny, are superflous.

I have a master's degree in design and innovation management from l’Ecole De Design Nantes Atlantiques (France) in work-linked training.
For the last two years, I was working at Design Office, a Lyon based agency that works for big clients from all around the world.   Sensitive, dynamic and curious, I know how to put all my skills to good use in the realization of innovative projects.   Nevertheless, I also know how to put my skills at the service of a group and get the best out of everyone.

The others things I love ?   I am interested in new technologies, and their impact on our daily lives. I believe that if many of them are useful, they should be as uninvasive as possible. Besides that, I like music, mountains, motor sports, and of course, my girlfriend and my dog !


I use a stretegic design process to understand, define and deliver the best product I can, including ecological concerned and emotions. That’s why, I use all the necessary skills I have, From strategic or marketing tools to design tools. I believe a good designer is not only able to produce beautifuls product but products that take place in today’s society, including brands concerned.



The first step is to understand the needs and constraints of a project. By analysing the brief and meeting the targets, I first answer all the questions necessary for the smooth running of a project. Once these questions have been answered, and the market understood, I can create.

Market benchmarking and competitor analysis
Trend research
Needs Mapping
Targets Interview


Once all the questions  have been clarified, and the needs have been understood, it is time to move on to the creative phase. I'm meticulous and know how to produce both quantity and quality. What matters in this phase ? To meet the various needs expressed as best as possible.

Design research
Hand and digital sketching
Concept generation
Dirty mockups


When a solution seems to be viable, I then take the time to define it more accurately. Structurally or formally, I strive to refine the product so that it meets the needs even more effectively. Choice of materials, colours, precision of shapes, work on details are all necessary steps to achieve an efficient product, and above all one that is correctly positioned on its market.

CMF Studies
Materials choice
Functionnal architecture


Finally, this is the deliverable phase. This is when I deliver the most advanced visualization of the product as well as the files ready to be sent to the design offices. Both technically and organisationally, this is a particularly important phase, as it closes the project. Nevertheless, I continue to make the product tangible by accompanying the engineers but also the marketing teams in order to produce visuals that will dazzle future customers.

Visualization (CGI)
Functional mockups
Appearance mockups
Mechanicals models
Industrialisation follow-up



Industrial design

Analysing needs to design the most successful products is the core of my skills, and this is what I was able to study for 5 years.

Design strategy

Understanding companies' needs and perfecting their strategy is one of the keys to product success. As the projects progress, I develop and improve my strategic skills in order to be able to meet expectations.


Accompanying brands in the development of their image is also part of my skills. Although it is not my core business, I have developed the necessary reflection to understand a brand image and to guide companies in its development.


Deliver the best still images I can that will communicate the best the projects I work on. 
From products to space to art, I'm able to produce high-res images. 


Hard Skills

Design Thinking Tools

Adobe    : Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effect, Lightroom

CAD : Solidworks, Rhino, Fusion 360, Marvelous Designer

CGI : Keyshot

User Experience : Figma, Adobe XD

Languages :
French (Native language)
English (Very good knowledge)

Soft Skills


Good communication skills



Critical sense


Seb Group










+ 33 6 19 79 64 32 


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