Increase the conversion rate of the first invest on Lydia's app

Year : 
2022 - The Design Crew

Team & Role : 
Dorian Famin : Product Designer
Maddy Fréville : Product Designer
Ludovic B : Product Manager

Missions : 
User Research

Product Design
UX Writing

Tools :

As part of the Batch 16 Advanced training of The Design Crew, I had the chance to work on a project from the official roadmap of the Lydia product team, all pitched by Felix Lepoutre, Head of Design.
Now a great app, Lydia is no longer content with simply allowing its users to exchange money quickly, but has now opened up to neobanking, creating kitty pools, and more recently, investing and trading.
Only, the teams are facing a problem. Out of 4 people registered on the investment part of Lydia, which allows you to invest in shares, etfs, crypto-currencies or even rare metals, only 1 crossed the threshold of this first investment. What are the brakes, what are the opportunities to open? This is the subject of this case study.


About the project

As part of my product design skills development, I am part of the Batch 16 of a training given by The Design Crew, in Paris. In this context, we were challenged by Félix Lepoutre, Head of Design at Lydia, on a problematic from their product roadmap.

Lydia is a French fintech, which became a unicorn in 2021 and was founded in 2011 by Cyril Chiche and Antoine Porte. Initially developed as a simple payment solution between friends, Lydia has now become a super-app, allowing millions of users to exchange money, create pools, and split amounts between friends. It has also become a meta-bank, introducing current accounts, joint accounts and also physical or virtual payment cards. Most recently, Lydia introduced Lydia Trading, a quick and easy solution to allow anyone to invest in over 1000 assets, starting at 1 euro. Etfs, crypto-currencies, stock market or rare metals, Lydia wants to establish itself as the reference app to get started in investing.

It is in this context that Lydia came to us, since on this trading part, today, on 4 people who register, only 1 dares to take the first step towards investment.


The Problem

Today it’s complicated to start being able to invest in the company people love, either because they don’t have enough money or they don’t know where and how to start. At Lydia they want to democratise investment and make it real for everyone in a simple manner. Simple does not mean that investing is easy, people need to be informed of the risks that investing represent. Democratising a complex product means making it accessible to people that are not trained to it. They worked on a first move: “How to help users to discover the asset they want to invest in”. They haven’t yet tackled the question of how do we help users to be comfortable investing thanks to Lydia.

Lydia identified a low conversion rate on its investment side. Out of 4 people who invest, only 1 person dares to take the first step.


How could Lydia help new users of its investment service feel confident about their first investments ?



Investment is a risky activity.

The problem of democratising is that people without any notion of knowledge can access it. Newbies need to be guided or informed about the basic of investelent AND investment with Lydia. How to guide users in their first steps as a new Lydia investment user? How to educate users about investing and make them feel ready to invest?

In general, Lydia has defined kpis and successes to track to measure the success of the product.

Monthly active investment users
Number of trade per user Amount invested per user Number of Lydia investment accounts activated Number of Lydia plan subscribed after an investment registration


We approached this project according to the classic double-diamond process, over 8 consecutive Saturdays, from discovery to delivery.

App Mapping & Rebuild

We were all using Lydia, for our payments between relatives, for some like our bank, but we needed to know much more in depth the application to go into details in the different flows, and understand the scope of the project. That's why we did a mapping of the whole application, reconstructing the original and current screens.


The mapping of the application allowed us to identify several things. First of all, the Lydia application offers above all a great fluidity in the flows, and advocates an assumed simplicity, almost "no brainer". Then, it puts forward simple and clear information, whether in the microcopy or in the general information. The goal is to democratize and make accessible all the features of the application.

Understand the current flow

In order to go deeper, we established a clear and detailed user journey of a user who wants to register on the Trading part of the application and then invest.


This work has allowed us to highlight many pain points during this journey.
Firstly, the onboarding is consequent and very long, but it does not fit into the scope of the project. The assumption was made that the user has correctly passed the registration stage.
Secondly, the flow does not invite the first investment and many users drop out after their registration.

User interviews

With all this information, we moved on to a discovery phase with users. We conducted 4 user interviews allowing us to dig deeper into the subject of investment. Several information on this subject:

- 4 users interviewed
- We built a detailed research plan allowing us to conduct the same user interviews, which could then be compared and bring out valuable information.
- 1/4 had already invested
-M/F Parity not met



The second major step in the process was to define the project in more depth, based on the information we had gathered earlier.

Clustering interviews

Following our interviews, we collected all the information in order to categorize them and extract the main patterns. This allowed us to move towards the most likely direction that makes sense with the user needs.


We have identified 4 main themes:

- Surroundings & influence: users only invest if their loved ones have done so or do so with them. Generally speaking, the people close to them are a determining factor in the decision making of users.

- Confidence: users are tackling a field they don't know and they have difficulty trusting a platform that promises them secure investments

- Ethics: users are more inclined to invest in assets that respect their social, societal and ecological values...

- Lack of knowledge: users do not dare to tackle investment because they know nothing about it. The lack of information scares them and discourages them.

HMW & Success criterias

After defining different how might we, we chose to work on the one that drove the most reactions during the user interviews.

How might we integrate the user's loved ones into their decision to invest for the first time ?


Linked to this issue, we have defined 3 KPIs to monitor in order to be convinced of the success of our solution in the future:

- ⏳ Reduction of the time between registration and first investment

- 👨👨👦 Increase in the % of similar assets between a user and their relatives

- 💸 Increased conversion rate on the Lydia invest part.


It was now time to go to the craft, and imagine the solution that would allow us to respond to this HMW. So we worked as a group to develop this.


We looked at many apps to understand how loved ones can influence their friends and what form this can take.


Mind Map, Crazy-8 & Storyboard

In order to drive collective intelligence, we built a mindmap allowing us to gather essential information, explore many ideas...

This naturally led us to build solutions through a crazy-8. Eight solutions, 1 minute per solution, to generate the maximum of ideas.


Afterwards, we selected the two most relevant ideas to start building flows, which we then presented as a storyboard to Lydia's head of design, Felix Lepoutre.


Rebuild the Design System

In order to keep consistency and to be sure to evolve towards a scalable solution that meets Lydia's requirements, we rebuilt (in part) Lydia's design system.



Based on the selected storyboard, we quickly explored different screens and notably different starting touchpoints
At first glance, we went in the wrong direction, trying to make a simple refund the first step towards investment. However, the flow did not meet our HMW, so we quickly rectified the delivery.



After having explored all these ideas, we entered the delivery phase, with the objective of carrying out qualitative user tests to validate or invalidate our flows.


You're invited to a group

The first touchpoint is a notification received on the phone that informs the user that a friend of his invites him to a group around the investment.

Trading between friends

The user is redirected to the trading page where a new section appears: "Groups".
The user is then invited to enter this group and discover it.


The user enters the group and discovers many new features:

- Members : he/she can see who is in the group and which friends are in the group

- Feed : members publish their purchases, sales with loss, sales with profit, asset recommendations or simple posts. Everyone can comment and react to them. In addition, under the relevant posts, the user is invited to invest in the same asset as the person who posted.

- Messages : members have the possibility to send messages to each other

- Badges : each member is certified by a badge according to his investment skills, linked to his portfolio.

Getting feedbacks

On the basis of this flow, we tested our solution with 4 users in order to collect essential information to know what is appropriate or not in the flow, their points of frictions, misunderstandings...


Some additional information:

- 4 users
- M/F Parity not met
- 3/4 are already using Lydia

We conducted interviews in two stages:

- First unmoderated phase where the user discovers the prototype, ideally by describing what he does, what he understands or does not understand...

- On this basis, we went back to the key screens to dig deeper into the friction points.

Several things came out:

- Users have trouble finding the group page (4/4) : Users scroll for a long time and scan all the information on the page before finding the group

- The invest button from the group, under the feed posts is misunderstood or not seen (3/4) : From the group page, the user does not always see the invest button and does not know if it is used to invest with the other or like him

- Need to know the price of an asset before investing from the group (2/4) : "I wouldn't have invested like that with my eyes closed, on the simple recommendation of a friend, I would have done my research before" - Louis, 24 years old


So we considered all this feedback and reinvested our flows to improve the friction points, having in mind to improve the points in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Work is still in progress, don't consider what is below. (I used old project template to build this page)


Have access to hundreds of recipes

The first & the main feature of the app is to give the user an unlimited choice of differents recipes. All of those latter are detailled and given step by step to the user. With timers, vocal informations, he's able to follow the recipe in the way he want. Furthermore, he can manage all his recipes, display it differently, depending on his disabilty and what he need. 


Go through recipes & 
scan to recognize things

Dazzle enable the user to go through step by step recipes, helping him getting better cooking. He can scan the barcode of the ingredients he has at home, helping him knowing if he takes the right things.


Call for help only when the they need

One other main feature of the app is to have access to volunteers who can answer who no matter the user's question is. The goal is to help people only when they need.

Volunteers got their app !

Volunteers also have their app, that aim mainly at answering people who call for help. The app also feature how many times volunteers answered the calls, and general informations about visual impairment.


An easy onboarding

I wanted to make the onboarding as easy as possible, to convert a maximum of users, avoiding them to give up or find another app. 


Designed to be accessible and pleasant

I tried to design the app thinking of micro-interactions and flows that are simple, well made and that can help the user in his actions.

A fresh and modern branding

I decided to developed a bit more the branding around the project, trying to make a fresh, modern and bold branding, trying to make the users love the product and the brand. I tried to make something that  which evokes the way people can shine, can dazzle. 



In reviewing this project, there are several things to say. First, this project is still a fictional project, so it is missing several things:

- Biased user feedback
- Fictitious KPIs
- No implementation

On the project itself, the application would probably need more feedback to work perfectly and meet 100% of the users' needs. However, it allowed me to develop a project from A to Z, from discovery to delivery, while working as cleanly as possible, and in such a way that the project is relatively easy to implement.

Say hello ! 🖐

I'm always happy to talk with you whether it is for something big or small ! 

Lyon, France 

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