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Project Details

Improving work at home


Industrial Design

Client :
Kokuyo Design Award

In a world driven by Covid-19, where teleworking has become not just a choice but a norm, many people have had to face a real upheaval in both their professional and personal lives. Working from home means working in a familiar environment, but one that is often organised for personal life. There is little room for work. Only, it was necessary to adapt and find ways of organising oneself. Split is the answer to this problem and allows anyone to quickly set up small elements at home to organise their papers, pens and other work-related items. This project was carried out as part of the 2020 competition for Kokuyo.


The problem

While asking people to understand their habits, I noticed one thing : the day is everything but linear. When working from home, there’s no frontiers or borders between working and living. The scheme below, that just aim at representing a day working home, show that time when people work is intersected with a lot of stuff that does not belong to the field of work.

People I asked told me that time is subjective, and above all, intangible and difficult to represent. Furthermore, they told me that, most of the time, they keep working, even a little after the statutory time. (People in France use to work from 8a.m to 6p.m)

This post-normal way of working will raise another fundamental question: how to organise one's workspace, since it is at home? What if the answer to the previous question of the gap between personal and professional life lies in tidying up one's workspace, and organising it as one wishes.


of French people have a dedicated workspace at home.


of French people say that working from home is much more exhausting


How can we better organise our workspace so as to separate   one's personal life from one's professional life ?


Color, material & finishes

Formally, the intention was to transpose an idea of simplicity but also of transition and border.


The answer

Split is made up of different elements in order to fix, hang or place useful objects at work. Using simple magnets and double-sided adhesives, the different elements can be attached without leaving any trace, all in a non-intrusive and discreet way.


Made of recycled plastic

Every single part of the product aim at being sustainable.
What means Split is composed of beautiful recycled and
recyclable plastic giving to the product a beautiful white
aspect. Even the tape is recyclable and can be made from
biosourced materials.
The goal is to make a product with a low carbon footprint
and that consider today’s and tomorrow’s concerns.

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