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Writing. This is a difficult exercise to tackle, especially when dealing with such a large and complex subject. However, this is what I had the chance to do during my second year of my Master's degree. This thesis accompanies the Ugo project, and allowed me to understand in depth what visual impairment was, what it implied sociologically as well as mentally or physically.
If the disability is little known, or even neglected, it is undoubtedly because it only affects a part of the world's population. Why, after all, should we be interested in something that does not concern us? However, according to the World Health Organisation, without giving detailed figures, the world is witnessing an ageing population and a demographic growth which can only increase the risk of visual impairment in individuals.

On the other hand, it seems clear that as we spend more and more time in front of screens, our eyesight is not benefiting from any improvements. But is this not just a perception? Is it a reality? After all, it doesn't matter, as this is not the subject of this thesis. If the subject is interesting to deal with, it is not with the aim of finding a culprit, but rather to understand what it means to be visually impaired.


The thesis

It took a year of hard work to achieve this result. In order to understand visual impairment, I not only took the time to go and see the people concerned and talk to them, but I also carried out a lot of documentary research in order to broaden the understanding to the fields of sociology, anthropology or psychology.


years to write it.




people met

Understand visual impairment and its challenges in order to best meet the needs of these people.

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